Salon Policies

COVID-19 & Salon Policies

We are doing our best to comply with the regulations from the Governor and the Cosmetology Board at the DPOR Virginia. Please understand that we are doing everything that is required to operate efficiently and safely.

To help us serve you as best as possible, we ask that you adhere to the following policies.

Before you come in for your appointment

First and foremost, If you have had a fever, fatigue, cough, difficulty breathing, or loss of smell/taste or IF YOU ARE SICK OR HAVE BEEN SICK WITHIN 2 WEEKS OF YOUR APPOINTMENT, call and reschedule ASAP.

If you have been traveling and have visited a hot spot, please reschedule your appointment if you have not given appropriate quarantine time before your appointment.

If you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive or if you have tested positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of your appointment, please call and reschedule.

Please be respectful of your service provider, we are exposing ourselves to our clients and are in close contact with them. We make every effort to prevent the spread, but your cooperation in following these guidelines is greatly appreciated.

Mask Policies

In light of the news regarding the lifting of mask mandates for vaccinated individuals, we wanted to give you a quick update. We are excited that we are entering a transition period in this pandemic, however we are proceeding with intentional caution.

Due to the proximity and extended periods of time in which our team works with clients and each other, we feel that it is in the best interest of our team and community to continue requiring masks when visiting Bespoke Beauty Loft. As a salon, we are committed to creating a space that not only is safe, but also feels safe.

We are looking forward to the day where we can be mask-free with our clients, but we aren’t quite there yet. We are grateful fo your support and kindness through these ever-evolving transitions. We will keep you updated as decisions are made moving forward.

Appointment Procedure

All employees as well as all clients are required to wear a mask with ear loops, (no masks that tie around the head). We recommend that you wear a disposable mask when getting color since there are no guarantees that they may not get color on them. We have disposable masks available. If you are vaccinated it is not required for you to wear a mask, however it is highly recommended. Please keep in mind that this policy may be changed at anytime, and is at the discretion of our business owner and team.

When you first enter the salon please wash or sanitize your hands thoroughly before doing anything else, and we will be doing the same between every client, and throughout the day.

Contactless Checkout

When checking out at your first appointment back with us, we will request that you put a credit card on file. This will help us avoid as much contact as possible as well as expediting the checkout process moving forward.

Other Altered or Suspended Services

Facial Waxing: Brow waxing will be the only facial waxing provided at this time, we will not be performing any waxing service that requires the mask to be removed

Beverage service: Bottled water and a limited selection of drinks with closable lids will be available, we look forward to being able to offer full service beverage service including fresh coffee, wine and beer when we are allowed. We want to make your visit as enjoyable as possible and thank you for your understanding.

Cancellations and Missed Appointment

We ask that you notify us at least 24 hours before your appointment to make changes or cancellations. Please keep in mind it is a courtesy to give more notice. This consideration for your stylist’s time allows our team to accommodate other clients and limits your stylist’s potential loss of income.

We will be requiring a credit card on file for all clients when making a future appointment.

We are mindful that unexpected events can disrupt anyone’s carefully planned schedule. Nevertheless, you will be charged a fee for 50% of the service price if you cancel or change your appointment within 24 hours of your appointment time, or if you do not show up. This penalty fee must be paid before any future appointments can be honored or reserved.

We understand that we are still experiencing a time of uncertainties due to COVID. If you are personally experiencing COVID-related sickness or exposure, please contact us and we will reschedule your appointment at least 14 days from the original appointment. We are happy to waive the change/cancellation/no-show fee for COVID related cancellations.

By Appointment Only

We will only be taking clients by appointment only, no walk-ins.

Salon Capacity and Client Guests

Clients must come by themselves, no family members, children, or friends may accompany you.


Please take comfort in the fact that we have taken all precautions and have always practiced proper sanitation procedures in order to prevent any client cross contamination.

Your experience may be a little different for a while, however we are determined to stay positive and move forward together.

We know that this is a lot of information to absorb, and we appreciate you taking the time to read through this and follow our guidelines. When it comes down to it, we just need to practice some social distancing, wash our hands, and stay positive. We will weather this storm, together.

Our Guarantee:

If you are not satisfied with your results, please contact the salon immediately. We want you to be happy with your new look! We will address your concerns and correct unwanted results within 2 weeks of your appointment. Keep in mind, this is not an opportunity to receive a new service due to changing your mind. We will do our best to make adjustments as long as the request is reasonable.