Our team is the heart and soul of Bespoke Beauty Loft. Together, we are what make your experience personal, unique, and special. We strive to house some of the most talented artists in the area. These artists never stop learning, collaborate together, and genuinely care about the clients they encounter every day. You are sure to find an artist that is the right fit for you.




Owner/Tier 4 Artist


Tier 2 Artist


Tier 1 Artist


Owner/Artistic Director/Tier 4 Artist

Taylor started her career in high school, and she knew quickly that she found her life’s calling. She was destined to help bring out the beauty in people. Her career has taken her all over the country – on stages, in classrooms, and behind the chair. These collective experiences led her to opening Bespoke Beauty Loft, a salon she dreamed up years ago and has evolved into what it is today. Bespoke Beauty Loft is founded on the principle that we, as hair artists, are fulfilled by our ability to guide people to be the most beautifully confident versions of themselves.

When I started in this industry I had a dream: to be a salon owner. I had no idea where my career was going to take me. But I realize now, many years later, that all my experiences have prepared me for this.

I learned patience and leadership skills from being a cosmetology instructor. I learned mentorship and management through leading instructors. I honed in on my presentation skills as a brand educator.

Most importantly, I learned how important client relationships are from being behind the chair. If you are an existing client, welcome to your new salon home; if you are a new client, I can’t wait to meet you!

Xoxo, Taylor

Favorite thing to do in the salon

Mentor other stylists, highlights… all the highlights!

Favorite drink

Iced coffee, green tea

Favorite thing to do outside the salon

Spend time with my husband and little boy or spending a day with the fam on our boat

Favorite products

Young.Again, Re.Store, High Dive, Aircraft, Miracle Hair Treatment, Keep My Color Blonde Shampoo

Guilty pleasure

Any Bravo show and Cake

Hannah Kruse

Tier 1 Artist

Hannah started her career by assisting her cousin, who owned a salon for several years. This experience ignited her passion for the beauty industry. Between raising two children and working full-time, she committed herself to go to cosmetology school so that she could pursue her career as a hairstylist. Her school experience led her to believe that behind the chair was exactly where she was meant to be. Hannah has a unique ability to connect with people, and her dedication to consistently practicing her craft is admirable. Along her path she was introduced to Taylor, the owner of Bespoke, and quickly realized this was going to be her salon home where she could thrive. As she begins to cultivate her clientele she will be available on select days to take appointments, as well as being the salon protegé, making to most of every opportunity to learn and grow.

Favorite thing to do in the salon

LEARN, and anything relating to blonding!

Favorite drink

 Kombucha, sparkling water, and occasionally a craft beer

Favorite thing to do outside the salon

Spend time with my husband and and my two beautiful boys

Favorite products

Re.Store, Hydrate-Me.Masque, Miracle Spray Treatment, Television Shampoo and Conditioner

Guilty pleasure

Binge watching TLC, and eating Combos!

Marisol Beans

Tier 2 Artist

Marisol began her career in the beauty industry in 2004 and worked for about 2 years.  She decided to stay home and raise her son, taking small jobs here and there, but her passion for hair persisted.  She got back into the salon in 2018 and is so happy she did!  Once acclimated back into salon life, she rose quickly up the ranks.  She takes education seriously and has taken many classes with some of the best-known stylists in the country.  Always following what’s on trend, Marisol takes classes to achieve the most requested styles from clients.  Some of her favorites are natural beachy lived-in looks and modern 1990’s styles that are making a comeback.  Marisol is proficient in cutting hair of all lengths, utilizing many different techniques, whether it be precision, razor, or dry cutting. 


Favorite thing to do in the salon

Cutting and Highlighting

Favorite drink

Seltzer water and Iced tea

Favorite thing to do outside the salon

Hiking or biking with my boys!

Favorite products

Re.Store,  Hair.Resort Spray, Rodeo Star, Dallas Shampoo and Conditioner Death Valley

Guilty pleasure

90 Day Fiance


Here at Bespoke Beauty Loft, we look for every opportunity to lift each other up, we are passionate about the hair industry, we take pride in our attention to detail, and we develop authentic relationships with our clients and each other. We believe that when one team member does well, we all do well. We share in each others’ successes and support each other everyday. We offer continuing education and coaching daily, and encourage our team members to stay relevant in the ever-evolving beauty industry.

We are looking for team members that are passionate, driven, coachable, caring, authentic, and have a great attention to detail.

If this sounds like you, or you just want to know more, contact us at info@bespokebeutyloft.com. All inquiries are private, and it is not an official application. Instead, it is the start of a conversation. We may be just the tribe you are looking for, and we can’t wait to meet you!







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