Taylor Waldrep

Owner  & Master Colorist

Taylor loves highlights… all the highlights!

Taylor started her career in high school, and she knew quickly that she found her life’s calling. She was destined to help bring out the beauty in people. Her career has taken her all over the country – on stages, in classrooms, and behind the chair. These collective experiences led her to opening Bespoke Beauty Loft, a salon she dreamed up years ago and has evolved into what it is today. Bespoke Beauty Loft is founded on the principle that we, as hair artists, are fulfilled by our ability to guide people to be the most beautifully confident versions of themselves.

Favorite thing to do in the salon

Mentor other stylists, highlights… all the highlights!

Favorite drink

Iced coffee, green tea

Favorite thing to do outside the salon

Spend time with my husband and little boy or spending a day with the fam on our boat

Favorite products

Young.Again, Re.Store, High Dive, Aircraft, Miracle Hair Treatment, Keep My Color Blonde Shampoo

Guilty pleasure

Any Bravo show and Cake



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Bespoke Maintenance


Bespoke Color Experience